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Money issues may have caused your divorce - dont let them follow you post-marriage. Our alimony lawyers in Appleton fight for your financial independence. Schedule a free initial consultation. 

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Alimony Lawyers in Appleton, Wisconsin

Alimony – called spousal maintenance in Wisconsin – is payment that one spouse provides to another after divorce. Filing for divorce can be financially devastating for disadvantaged or lower-earning parties. Alimony is intended to help the dependent spouse maintain their marital standard of living.

Fighting for your financial livelihood post-marriage is crucial to your future. Our qualified alimony attorneys in Appleton cut through the personal sensitivity of divorce and apply law. An alimony lawyer can help you understand alimony laws and why you may be entitled to alimony.

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Our alimony attorneys in Outagamie County are well known and highly respected by their peers. To secure your financial independence post-marriage, you need the best attorneys on your side. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced alimony lawyers:


What is the purpose of alimony?

Alimony is intended to help a disadvantaged or lower-earning party maintain their marital standard of living after a divorce. In cases where one spouse left a job to raise the children or health issues prevented full-time employment, alimony may be awarded to support the dependent party. There are two types of alimony awarded in Wisconsin: limited-term and indefinite spousal maintenance.

Limited term

Spousal Maintenance

Limited duration alimony, or limited term spousal maintenance, is awarded when one spouse can potentially be self supporting in the future. Alimony may be awarded while the dependent party gains the education and skills necessary to find a job.

Limited-term spousal maintenance is common in cases where one spouse left a job to raise children and needs time to become marketable. A judge will assign an end date; if the recipient remains dependent at this date, the court may evaluate whether an extension is appropriate.



Spousal Maintenance

Indefinitely alimony, or indefinite spousal maintenance, is most common in long-term marriages. One spouse’s absence from the job market may make it difficult or impossible to find employment. Indefinitely alimony ensures the recipient maintains financial stability regardless of age, absence from the job market, or health issues.

What makes you eligible for alimony?

A judge will consider several factors to determine whether you’re eligible for alimony, including:

  • Length of marriage
  • Property division
  • Education level
  • Earning capacity
  • Tax consequences
  • Age and physical & emotional health
  • Mutual agreements during the marriage
  • Whether either spouse contributed to the other’s education, training, increased earning power
  • Any factor the court determines is relevant

Spousal support vs. alimony in Wisconsin

Spousal support and alimony are the same thing in Wisconsin. Alimony is a more dated term; spousal support is a gender-neutral term that essentially means the same thing.

Free initial consultation & cost quotes

Don’t let the fear of legal costs keep from enjoying your life independently post-marriage. Our alimony lawyers in Appleton will review your case for free and quote out costs for pre-trial, negotations, and trial.

Payment plans available

Money issues shouldn’t keep you from fighting for fair compensation. We offer payment plans for the communities of Kimberly, Neenah, Oshkosh, Menasha, Kaukauna and surrounding areas.

If your financial freedom is at stake, contact our alimony lawyers in Appleton to schedule a free consultation.





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