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Divergent Family Law Attorneys Offer Fixed Fees, Free Consultations, and Flexible Payment Plans

Our Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers Understand Value

Divorce is stressful. Finding a good lawyer doesn’t have to be.

Divergent Family Law is a Milwaukee-based law firm distinguished by our competency in divorce cases. We have the experience to offer an advanced quote for our services—which means that you’re paying a fixed fee. Avoid surprises that lead to additional stress. Contact Divergent Family Law today for a free consultation.

In Southeastern Wisconsin, there are differing Family lawyer price points. Valuating your case is a conversation your family attorney should be upfront with you about. An ethical and honest attorney has an obligation to represent his or her client's best interest throughout the Wisconsin divorce process.

In your free initial consultation be sure to inquire about all of the fees and costs of your case, even in the worst-case scenario. See also: How much does a divorce cost in Wisconsin?

Do Divorce Attorneys Take Payment Plans?

Yes! Our divorce attorneys always provide free initial consultations and can accept all standard forms of payment, such as cash, credit or debit card, money order, and personal checks. You'll know the price of your divorce in advance with our flat fee divorce quotes. Our trusted family lawyers will work with you to adjust a payment arrangement to fit your budget. Our flexible payment plans allow everyone to afford strong representation in a divorce proceeding, no matter their income.

Which credit and debit cards do you accept?

We accept:

Legal fees in family law cases can vary based upon case specifics. With Divergent, you can rest assured we are giving you a fair deal. The attorney costs outweigh the fear and anxiety of entering a courtroom alone. Your children, property, and the rest of your life could be at stake in the courtroom. Don’t risk your future happiness. Call our experienced team of Family Law Attorneys and schedule a consultation today. Remember first consultations are always free! We can discuss the details of your case, payment plan options, and the next steps moving forward. Don’t wait, call now!


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