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On Wisconsin Divorce Costs

Divorce Payment Plans

Divorce Payment Plans

Free Initial Consultations & Cost Quotes

Don’t let the fear of legal costs determine your representation. Our Wisconsin divorce attorneys will review your case for free & quote out costs for each stage of divorce:

In Southeastern Wisconsin there are differing family lawyer price points. Valuating your case is a conversation your family attorney should be upfront with you about. An ethical and honest attorney has an obligation to represent his or her client's best interest throughout the Wisconsin divorce process.

Know your costs in advance

Child Support Calculator

Wisconsin child custody laws can be hard to understand. Our calculator allows you to estimate child support costs easily.

Divorce Cost Calculator

Our quiz outlines all the relevant factors to weigh when calculating your divorce costs. Get a free assessment of your case.

Divorce Cost Calculator

Flat Fees

Our divorce attorneys review cases individually & charge one flat rate. You don’t pay extra if there are unexpected costs associated with your divorce. Know your real costs in advance with our Wisconsin fixed fee divorce attorneys.

Reasons to hire a fixed fee divorce attorney:

In your free initial consultation be sure to inquire about all of the fees and costs of your case, even in the worst-case scenario. See also: How much does a divorce cost in Wisconsin?

Payment Plans Available

Money issues can break up a marriage but it shouldn’t stall your divorce. We offer payment plans for the communities of Milwaukee, Glendale, Brookfield, Madison, & Appleton that extend to all legal services including post-judgment modifications.

Accepted credit & debit cards:

Legal fees in family law cases can vary based upon case specifics. Attorney costs outweigh the fear and anxiety of entering a courtroom alone. Your children, property, and the rest of your life could be at stake in the courtroom.

Contact us for more information and get started today.

Payment Plans FAQs

How much does a divorce cost in Wisconsin?

On average, a divorce in Wisconsin costs $11,300 but can range anywhere from $17,000 - $100,000. High income, children, and property division disputes can heavily influence the cost of the divorce. To get an estimate on what your divorce might cost, check out Divergent Family Law's divorce calculator.

Where are divorce lawyers with payment plans in Wisconsin?

Divergent Family Law Firm offers flexible payment plans allowing individuals across Wisconsin the ability to afford quality representation.

How do lawyers charge for their services?

Most lawyers will charge you by the hour and have a retainer fee. Divergent Family Law Firm offers flat fees and free divorce quotes before you hire us. Our law firm is upfront about the costs of your divorce and has no surprise charges. Don't go into your divorce blind.

What if I can't afford a divorce lawyer?

At Divergent Family Law, we make it affordable to get the representation you need with free initial consultations and upfront flat rate fees. With our flexible payment plans, you can take your divorce one step at a time.

What is a flat rate fee?

A flat rate fee means that Divergent Family Law will quote you on how much your divorce will cost in a FREE initial consultation and what we quote you includes all upfront fees, so you'll never have to worry about surprise costs.

How much does it cost to get a divorce if both parties agree?

Divorce mediation is more cost-effective compared to court divorces. If you and your spouse agree to amicably separate, the average cost of your divorce may be $800-$3,500.

Who pays for mediation in divorce?

Normally payment is distributed amongst each couple for divorce mediation. One party may agree to pay upfront, but the costs will be shared once a financial agreement is reached.

Do I need a divorce lawyer if my spouse has one?

Yes. If your spouse has a divorce lawyer, it means they may be ready to battle it out for custody, asset division, and more. Contact Divergent Family Law to see if our attorneys are a fit for your needs.

What are the risks of not hiring a divorce attorney?

If you are not divorcing amicably, it may get messy. Your spouse may try to take more in alimony, assets, and child support while you're caught off-guard. Our divorce lawyers have the experience to help you get the divorce settlement you deserve.

What questions should I ask a divorce lawyer during a consultation?

When meeting with your divorce lawyer you'll probably want to ask questions about cost, child custody, timeline, and qualifications. Make sure your lawyer is there for you and not just for the money.




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