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Trisha Festerling

Divorce and child custody are huge life events that impact people in deeply emotional and long-lasting ways. The practice of family law is where Trisha feels she was drawn to help people through this difficult period in their lives.

Trisha works to empower her clients. She helps her clients maintain a strong family while moving constantly forward, even at the worst of times. A divorce case lasts only a short while, and it's important that you are prepared to face your new life at the end of it.

Trisha graduated with honors Magna Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2001 before earning her law (J.D.) degree from Regent University Law School in 2007.  Before law school she had already gained substantial legal experience, including helping manage a family law practice.

University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeRegent University School of Law

It was while earning her law degree that Trisha had her first child, and it changed her life forever. It made her understand even greater the importance of family, with children at the center. In her early years of practice, she experienced many areas of law, but ultimately primarily focused on family, helping families since 2007.  Trisha has also worked as a Guardian ad Litem in cases, appointed by the court to represent the best interests of the children, which gives her a powerful perspective to guide families going through this process. In addition, she has certified in Mediation and Collaborative Divorce, helping families take a low-conflict and often more cost-effective route through this process.

When Trisha is away from the office, she enjoys spending time with her three children, traveling and appreciating nature. She particularly loves the mountains, and coincidentally met her husband while preparing to summit the 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado.

Knowing that you are backed by a professional legal team in the field of divorce and family law is an incredible asset as you maneuver through the complex legal system. Contact Grieve Law to schedule an appointment now.

Trisha performs divorce mediations at Divergent's 5 offices in Milwaukee, Glendale, BrookfieldMadison & Appleton.


Divorce Mediation FAQ

What does a mediator do in divorce?

The divorce mediator will explain how divorce issues in a divorce settlement case are resolved. After an agreement has been reached on each issue, the mediator will draft the agreement, which will be reviewed by each party. Contact Divergent for divorce mediation to take a low-conflict approach to your divorce.

What is child custody mediation?

Child custody mediation is a method used by divorcing or unmarried parents to help reach an agreement on custody of their children. Hire Divergent Family Law to help your family stay out of court and solve your custody dispute amicably.

Does divorce mediation work?

In general, mediation in Wisconsin is less stressful and proceeds faster than court room trials. In mediation, you keep the power and control to make the decisions on your divorce. Our divorce mediators can help guide you through the process to try and create a low-conflict setting for your divorce.

Do I need a lawyer for divorce mediation?

There is no legal requirement that you need a lawyer for divorce mediation in Wisconsin. Speaking with a lawyer about your divorce is the best option to know all your legal rights. Contact our divorce lawyers today to learn how you can save time and money on your divorce.

Do I need a family lawyer?

A family lawyer can help protect your rights and help you get everything you are entitled to in matters concerning your family. Family lawyers handle cases involving asset decision making, alimony and child support. Divergent Family Law is here to help you with all family matter issues.

How do I hire a divorce attorney when I can't afford one?

Divergent Family Law offers free initial case consultations and payment plans for all clients. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you and your case.

What questions does a mediator ask a child?

In Wisconsin, the mediator will typically ask a child about their feelings toward each parent and if they feel safe with them. This will help parents come to agreements regarding their child's wellbeing. Divergent Family Law offers mediation services to help create a low conflict route for this process.

Who can attend child custody mediation?

In Wisconsin, parents who are ordered to attend must be at the custody mediation. Parents that are willing to compromise on both custody and placements are encouraged to participate as well.

How much is child support in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin uses the standard percentage of income guidelines for child support calculation. This is based on income and number of children you have in child support. Check out our child support calculator for an estimate of what you might owe or receive.

How do I calculate child support in Wisconsin?

The guidelines for Wisconsin child support are 17% of income for 1 child, 25% of income for 2 children and 29% of income for 3 children.




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