Step-By-Step Divorce Guide

How to File for Divorce in Wisconsin

Getting a divorce can be a complicated, long process. First, you complete the correct forms and file the actions at your local courthouse. Next, you serve your spouse the divorce papers and prepare for the mediation process and pre-trial conference during the 120 day waiting period. Lastly, you and your spouse attend the final hearing before a judge or court commissioner. The judge or commissioner will listen to both parties to resolve any remaining disputes. He or she will issue a final divorce decree to govern property division, child placement schedules, and child & spousal support payments if necessary. If you are unsatisfied with the final hearing, you have the option to appeal the divorce decree.

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Below is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide of the divorce process in Wisconsin

1. Pick the Correct Forms

2. Complete the Forms

3. File the Papers at Your Local Courthouse

4. Serve Your Spouse (if filing separately)

5. Wait 120 Days Minimum

6. Attend Temporary Hearing (if requested previously)

7. Prepare for Pre-Trial Conference

8. Complete the Divorce or Legal Separation

A divorce can be granted three ways: stipulated, default, or in a trial:



Our Milwaukee Family Law attorneys have years of experience in each step of the divorce timeline, allowing you to rest assured knowing your assets (and your heart) are in safe hands. Our attorneys have seen every circumstance that can arise in Wisconsin divorce law

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How to get a divorce in Wisconsin
Divorce in Wisconsin
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Wisconsin divorce timeline
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