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Divergent Family Law offers free consultations & cost quotes in Kenosha County

Our attorneys fight for separate but equal (or better) outcomes starting with a free cost quote

Get great representation and know the full cost of your divorce upfront with Divergent. After a free consultation, we quote the full cost of your divorce expenses based on your unique situation. You pay a fixed fee and then we handle the rest.

We are able to offer fixed fees because we are a highly experienced law firm. We understand all aspects of the divorce process, and we use this competence to plan for anything that could happen. Attorneys who charge hourly may expect you to pay for additional fees if something unexpected happens, or the process will take longer so the attorney can make more money. At Divergent, we resolve everything as quickly as possible, and we only charge you for what you were quoted during your initial consultation.

Get flexible payment plans for Kenosha County

We offer payment plans to make our legal services available to more people. We also accept all types of payment including cash, credit or debit card, money order, and personal checks.

Where to file for divorce in Kenosha County

Kenosha County Courthouse
912 56th St., Kenosha, WI  53140
Courthouse: (262) 653-2669

Divergent Family Law's main areas of practice

We excel in all areas of family law including:

No matter what your questions or concerns, Divergent is here to help with simple, fast answers. Our child support calculator helps you determine what you might pay (or be paid) monthly for child support.

Contact Divergent today if you have questions or would like a free initial consult.

Now serving all areas in Kenosha County, including Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Salem and Somers.




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