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We offer payment plans to make our legal services available to more people. We also accept all types of payment including cash, credit or debit card, money order, and personal checks.

Where to file for divorce in Kenosha County

Kenosha County Courthouse
912 56th St., Kenosha, WI  53140
Courthouse: (262) 653-2669

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We excel in all areas of family law including:

No matter what your questions or concerns, Divergent is here to help with simple, fast answers. Our child support calculator helps you determine what you might pay (or be paid) monthly for child support.

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Now serving all areas in Kenosha County, including Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Salem and Somers.

Free Consultation FAQ

What is a consultation with a lawyer?

A lawyer consultation is an initial intake meeting which will take place before you decide if you want to hire that attorney to represent your case. Divergent Family Law offers free initial case consultations for all clients.

Is a free consultation under lawyer client confidentiality?

Attorneys and their staff are under confidentiality and attorney-client privilege. Divergent Family Law in Kenosha will not and cannot disclose any information that is shared during your free consultation.

How do I hire a lawyer in Kenosha, WI?

Divergent Family Law in Kenosha, WI offers free initial consultations and payment plans to clients. Contact our Kenosha office to set up your consultation today.

How do I find an affordable attorney?

Finding a law firm that offers free initial consultations is your first step in finding an affordable attorney in Kenosha. Divergent offers free consults and payment plans along with flat rate fees for all our services. You'll never have to worry about unexpected charges after your case is settled.

How much does a lawyer cost for a divorce?

Costs for divorce cases are difficult to calculate since each case is different. Contact one of our divorce attorneys today for your free case consultation and try our divorce calculator for an estimate.

How much does a lawyer cost for child custody?

Since each case is different, costs for a child custody lawyer in Kenosha can vary. Learn more about your child custody costs with a free initial consultation with Divergent Family Law.

Is family law different from divorce law?

Divorce law is a sub category of family law. Family law cases involve child support, adoption, paternity and guardianship. A divorce lawyer is a family lawyer who also conducts divorces. Hire the experienced attorneys at Divergent Family Law to protect your family.

How do I prepare for an initial consultation with a divorce attorney?

A list of marital assets and debts should be prepared and brought to the initial consultation. Our divorce lawyers are here to help you and will answer all your questions, so make sure you are honest and open with them.

Do lawyers charge for consultation?

At Divergent Law, we offer free consultations for all clients. After your initial consultation, if you choose to continue with our services we offer flexible payment plans and flat rate fees.

How do I file for divorce in Wisconsin?

To file for a divorce in Wisconsin, you must be a resident of the state for at least 6 months and be a resident of the county where you will be filing for at least 30 days. A divorce petition needs to be filed either with your spouse or alone. There is a 120 day waiting period for a final hearing after this petition is filed.




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