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How Much Will A Divorce Cost In Wisconsin?

My Divorce Will Be:

What Is Collaborative?

My spouse and I agree on most things, are going to work together to negotiate a divorce.

What Is Contested?

Instead of formalizing agreed-upon terms of a separation, the parties rely on the court to make decisions.


What type of counsel do I need?

What is a limited scope representation?

I need a little help on an otherwise DIY divorce.

What is a attorney mediation?

My spouse and I are sharing a neutral mediator/attorney.

What is a separate representation?

My spouse and I are getting our own attorneys.

We prefer:

When not to litigate.

My spouse and I have a general agreement on the specifics of our divorce.

When to litigate.

My spouse and I have differences regarding child placement or assets.

My Spouse and I... ( SELECT ALL THAT APPLY )

My Spouse Wants To Ruin My Life.

My Spouse Chose A Lawyer Who Will Draw This Out.

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Your total cost outlay depends on a variety of factors. Two of the biggest ones are the number and complexity of the issues that will be contested in front of a judge. With a reasonably cooperative adversary, the goal is to avoid trial. A large percentage of divorce costs lie in the trial phase because it requires the most legal services.

Unlike a wide majority of family law firms, Divergent will quote all 3 phases of your divorce in advance:


The first phase of your divorce: getting all your ducks in a row for a legally valid divorce proceeding while protects your personalized best interests. Divergent Family Law will give you a not-to-exceed-cost proposal AND estimate II and III.

Quoted in advance.

My spouse and I agree on most things, are going to work together to negotiate a divorce.

Quoted in advance. Possible adjustments.

Less than 4% of divorce cases go to trial. You’ve got a financial incentive to stay away from trial, if possible.

Quoted in advance.

The Real Cost of DivorceIn Wisconsin

The intelligent lens to look at your divorce through is property division and costs on the way to your new best life. Beware the Wisconsin divorce lawyer who talks too much about winning. Winning property occasionally happens at the casino.  Dividing property happens in every divorce. An attorney who understands your divorce objectives can position you better based on their understanding of:

What Impacts the Cost of Divorce in Wisconsin?

The cost of divorce is heavily influenced by shared assets. What you and your spouse own needs to be split fairly — not evenly. Certain factors increase the risk of a high-cost divorce, including:


If you’re exiting a long marriage with a high standard of living, your case is a high risk divorce). There will be a fight, and you will need an attorney. Alimony (called spousal maintenance in Wisconsin) means that your long term financial outlay could be dramatic.


If you and your partner have children together, getting a divorce will likely be more expensive. The living arrangement of the child will determine primary physical placement and impact child support payments. Wisconsin child support for one child is 17% of your gross income. If your salary is more than $39,000 per year 45% of your paycheck will go to income tax and child support.


  • Additional children are calculated on the remainder:
  • 2 children - 25% of gross income
  • 3 children - 29% of gross income
  • 4 children - 31% of gross income
  • 5 or more children - 34% of gross income


Shared real estate, retirement funds, savings and other assets can cause a problem for divorce budgets. These divorces usually end up going to trial, where financial analysis is often required. An attorney experienced in high net worth divorce is adept at navigating the costly process while keeping your assets intact.

What about Pro- Se Divorce?

Even if you and your partner come up with an agreement on your own, the court reserves the right to reject it — putting you back at square one. For most people, the risks of divorce without a lawyer vastly outweigh the costs of attorney’s fees. If financing is likely to be an issue consider payment plans or look into limited scope representation.

Minimizing your emotional & financial losses

Even in what starts as a mutually agreeable divorce, frustration and unfair rulings can quickly turn the proceedings sour. On top of the financial burden of divorce, drawn-out, highly emotional proceedings can take a toll on your mental health. Anxiety, frustration and anger compound the financial cost of divorce, making it difficult to cope with the process.

Our in-depth understanding of divorce proceedings means our lawyers can tell you up front with considerable accuracy the details of your divorce decree. We know Wisconsin divorce law, we know the adjudicators, and we know your rights.

Contact Divergent for a free, no-obligation consultation on your divorce.
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