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Family Law Attorneys in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee Family Attorneys Guide You Through the Divorce Process

Hiring the right family law attorney for your case is the most important step you can take to ensure a positive outcome. Divergent Law has years of experience in Wisconsin divorce law. Our attorneys can help you through the entire Wisconsin divorce process including child support, mediation, and prenuptial agreements. We offer free consultations to explain your options and best course of action for your divorce.

Contact a Divergent attorney now for a free consultation. The sooner you partner with an experienced family law attorney in Milwaukee, the sooner you will be able to get the support that you deserve through each step of this process.


An Introduction to Family Law

A family lawyer supports families through legal proceedings with family courts to ensure that the case is treated fairly and their client is treated fairly. 

Just as there are attorneys who focus on family law, Milwaukee has a Family Court that is dedicated to handling all legal issues involving the family. Having a specialized court means that the Wisconsin legal system is able to distribute cases without creating too much of a backlog, as well as providing families with a dedicated team to administer these cases with the best interests of a family in mind.

Divergent Family Law regularly represents fathers and mothers going through complicated divorce and child custody proceedings.

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