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Glendale Divorce Attorneys

Divergent Family Law is Glendale’s most trusted family law firm for navigating the Wisconsin divorce process. Our experienced Glendale divorce petition attorneys have expertise in divorce laws, will help you file your divorce petition and advocate for your best interests through temporary order hearings and settlement agreements. Most divorces are finalized outside of the courtroom, but our Glendale divorce law firm’s attorneys have an in-depth understanding of trial divorces and appealing rulings if necessary.

For assistance with family laws in Glendale and filing your divorce petition, contact our trusted family and divorce law firm. Our Glendale family attorneys have the expertise to guide you through the divorce process from start to finish.

We offer support and legal guidance in divorce cases for: 

Annulment Law Firm in Glendale

If you are seeking an annulment of your marriage, look no further than the Glendale annulment attorneys at Divergent Family Law. Getting a marriage annulled is a very different process than seeking a divorce.

Wisconsin Statute §767.313 states the court may grant an annulment in:

While an annulment may seem difficult to obtain, they are not impossible. Trust the legal guidance of the top-tier annulment law firm in Glendale to examine the facts of your case, apply them to the statute and take you through your next best steps.

Our flexible payment plans and years of legal experience make Divergent Family Law the best option for protecting your rights to property, income and children in Wisconsin. Contact us to learn more about the divorce process timeline and divorce law in Glendale, Milwaukee, AppletonMadison and Brookfield.

Glendale Divorce FAQ

Where can I find a family law attorney in Glendale, WI?

Divergent is Glendale, Wisconsin's most qualified family law firm. From filing a petition to settlement agreements, Divergent's got you covered. If your divorce happens to go to court, our attorneys have extensive trial divorce experience and can help you appeal a ruling.

How do I file for divorce in Glendale?

File the papers at your local courthouse, serve your spouse, and wait 120 days to complete the divorce or legal separation. Our Milwaukee law attorneys have the proper knowledge needed to get you through every step of the divorce process.

How much does a divorce cost in Glendale, WI?

The average cost of divorce in Wisconsin is $11,300. The cost can increase to an average of $17,000 - 30,000 if you have children who are minors. Costs can potentially exceed $100,00 for families with high income or undergoing business asset division. Check out Divergent's divorce calculator to receive a free estimate for your divorce.

How are assets divided in a divorce in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is a community property state, meaning all spousal assets are split 50/50 in a divorce. One exclusion is property that has been gifted to an individual spouse or property inherited.

Will I have to pay alimony?

If your spouse has been a dependent for a large portion of your marriage, you may have to pay spousal support until they can support themselves. This ensures that each party has a fair share of divided finances.

Will I have to pay child support?

Depending on the custody arrangement and if you see your child less than 25% of the time, you may be obligated to pay child support. Speak to a Divergent child custody lawyer to know your parental rights.

How is child support determined in Glendale, WI?

The amount of child support you may have to pay is determined by a percentage of your income. Check out Divergent Family Law Firm's child support calculator to get a free estimate.

In Wisconsin, who gets custody in divorce?

Custody will be awarded based on each parents ability to care for the child. In joint custody agreements, children are supported by parent they are in the care of. If a parent has sole custody, then the other parent will have to pay child support even when the child is not in their custody.

How long does a child custody case take?

You can expect an average of 6 to 12 months for child custody to be determined. It may take 6 to 8 weeks for a preliminary court hearing to occur after you have applied for custody.

What can be used against you in a divorce?

Your spending habits, hidden assets, romantic relationships, text messages, emails, and more might all be questioned in a divorce. Hire an experienced divorce lawyer to fight for your rights and get the settlement you deserve.




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