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Navigating child custody laws in Wisconsin can be complex for families going through divorce. Divergent Family Law’s Glendale child placement attorneys have in-depth expertise in custody law and will help you win the physical and legal custody you need to protect your children. We understand the differences in fighting for joint or sole legal custody, what constitutes primary placement and how to calculate child support payments using our Glendale child support calculator. Whether you need help establishing paternity, modifying custody or enforcing child support with our Glendale child support law firm, our attorneys stay up-to-date with constantly evolving child placement, custody and support laws. For trusted guidance on all child custody, placement, support and paternity laws in Glendale, contact the experienced legal team at Divergent Family Law.

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Glendale Child Custody & Placement Laws

Wisconsin courts start with the assumption 50/50 legal custody between parents is just, fair and optimal for the child’s wellbeing. If a parent desires sole legal custody, they need to demonstrate to the court sole custody is better for the child’s welfare than 50/50 custody. 50/50 child placement is the standard physical custody plan, and primary placement with one parent over 50% of the time is more common than sole legal custody.

Joint Legal


When divorced parents share joint legal custody of a child in Wisconsin, both parents have equal rights and responsibilities for decisions about their child’s upbringing. Our Glendale child custody law firm frequently helps parents establish joint custody and 50/50 placement agreements. Joint legal custody allows both parents to have an equal say regarding school choices, healthcare, religious upbringing and other significant choices. Divergent Law’s child placement attorneys in Glendale can advise you on Wisconsin laws for joint custody and placement, and help craft agreements detailing each parent’s rights and responsibilities. We’ll ensure joint custody is in your child’s best interest by helping develop custody schedules, holiday rotation and rules for dispute resolution.

Glendale, WI child custody lawyer

Sole Legal


Sole legal custody is a much more difficult case to fight for in court. Wisconsin Courts always support the best interest of the child and generally only award sole custody if the other parent is deemed unable to perform parental responsibilities. Our Glendale child custody attorneys can advise whether you may have the grounds to seek sole custody. If sole custody is awarded, one parent has the final say in all major decisions about schooling, healthcare, religious upbringing and more. The non-custodial parent may be granted visitation but often must pay child support as dictated by the court.

If the parties were unmarried at the time of the child’s birth, the mother automatically is given sole legal custody until a paternity action is established. Our Glendale paternity law firm can help unmarried and divorced fathers fight for custody and placement time. The attorneys at Divergent Law are always aware of evolving child custody laws and the rights of both parents.

Mediation for Child

placement & custody

Divergent Family Law offers mediation services for parents who can’t agree to child placement and custody terms during divorce proceedings. Our Glendale child custody attorneys act as impartial mediators to bridge a compromise between parents to avoid battles in court. We help parents come to agreements on custody schedules, decision-making authority, placement time and other disputes. If no agreement can be reached through mediation on issues like child support, legal or physical custody or paternity, the court will appoint a Guardian ad Litem to represent the child’s best interests while the divorce case is pending.

Post-Judgement Child Custody & Placement Modification in Milwaukee

After a divorce, changing life circumstances may require modification to the original child custody and placement orders. Our experienced child custody attorneys can help parents modify agreements within the scope of Wisconsin laws. We’ll determine if legal grounds exist to change custody terms, alter placement schedules, adjust holiday rotations or implement extended visits. Divergent Law will prioritize you and your child’s best interests and attempt to help parents reach agreements amicably without additional court battles. To make any placement arrangement the most positive it can be for your child, we encourage exploring our co-parenting resources.


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Wisconsin Child Support


The total child support paid by a parent can easily exceed $100,000 over the course of their child’s years as a dependent. Use our online child support calculator to get an estimate of potential child support obligations or payments. The easy-to-use tool quickly gives a rough estimate of child support amounts based on your income, the number of children and other factors. An understanding of the approximate child support amount ahead of time allows parents to plan and budget accordingly.

Our Glendale child custody attorneys can help you secure primary or joint placement, modify placement orders, and take legal action to enforce placement orders. We offer flexible payment plans to accommodate to your family’s needs.

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