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Divergent Family Law is the most trusted divorce law firm in West Bend. Our divorce attorneys have years of accumulated experience and will guide you through every step in the Wisconsin divorce process. A favorable divorce settlement can significantly expedite the healing process for you and your family while securing a positive future for everyone. If your divorce case comes to trial, our divorce attorneys are prepared to fight for you to ensure a fair outcome.


Family Law Cases We Take in West Bend

Divorce cases can involve so many different variables making each case unique. Divergent knows how to handle all types of divorces cases and offers legal aid for any issue you may be trying to battle:

Legal Aid for Child Custody & Placement

Our divorce attorneys are experienced in all areas of child custody and help protect your parental rights. Whether you are filing for joint custody or sole custody, we work to get a happy resolution for you and your family. We also help set up child support systems if necessary. Use our Wisconsin child support calculator for a rough estimate of your monthly child support payments.

Free Divorce Consultation

Contact our West Bend divorce attorneys to get a free legal consultation for your divorce. Divergent Family Law helps you understand your legal situation and the next steps you should take for a happy outcome for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions about the divorce process in West Bend

How much does a divorce cost in West Bend?

In Wisconsin, divorce often costs up to $10,000 in filing, attorney cost, and other fees. The best way to ensure your divorce does not cost more is to hire an expereinced Wisconsin divorce attorney.

Is mediation a good option for me?

Divorce mediation can be a good option for building a co-parenting relationship with your ex-spouse. If you and your spouse are on amicable terms this is a good option.

Will I have to go to court in West Bend?

Many divorce cases do not go to court. It is very common and often less expensive to settle your dirvoce outside court through mediation or other means.

Can I represent myself for a divorce in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, you are allowed to represent yourself in court. Divergent Family Law provides pro-se divorce consultations to arm you with the best tools you can have for pro-se representation.

How does a divorce trial work in Wisconsin?

Divorce trials in Wisconsin do not involve a jury. Both sides present their argument to the judge and have the option to come to an agreement. If there are unresolvable issues, the judge will make the final decision.




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