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Divergent Family Law provides divorce mediation in West Bend for cooperative settlements without courtroom battles. You and your spouse meet with a neutral mediator to determine a fair agreement. Mediation is a budget-friendly divorce option. Divergent has set rates for mediation servicesDivorce mediation helps couples end their marriage easily and rapidly. Our skilled divorce mediators help keep you on track for successful divorce settlements.

If you and your spouse are willing to work through your divorce together, divorce mediation can ease the process of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. A neutral mediator can save both parties time and money if they are willing to cooperate with each other and respect the bounds of their agreement. Mediation is also a great alternative if you’re willing to continue raising children together.

Divergent Family Law provides free quotes for our divorce mediation services. We will review your case and explain what issues may cost you the most amount of money. With our fixed cost estimate, you’ll know what to expect before signing on. Our accessible payment plans ensure that our services are available to everyone regardless of income.

Our divorce mediator, Trisha Festerling, is certified in Mediation and Collaborative Divorce. She provides valuable legal insight to couples so they can make informed decisions concerning child custody and asset division. She also facilitates discussions before drafting an agreement that both parties settle on to assure that everyone is satisfied with the result of the divorce.


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