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Wisconsin divorce mediation

Wisconsin Divorce Mediation

Divorce doesn’t have to be drawn out. Divorce mediation is a negotiation process where a trained, impartial mediator works with you and your spouse to reach a divorce settlement without going to court. Divorce mediation allows you to make your own decisions about your divorce agreement, preventing a judge from ordering an unfair settlement.

Divorce mediation is more cost-effective than other types of divorce, and Divergent is able to give you a fixed-fee rate for the cost of divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is ideal for couples who wish to settle their divorce quickly and easily — and finding the right mediator makes all the difference.


Divergent’s certified divorce mediators work to reach a facilitative compromise on all aspects of law, including child custody, divorce, and property division. We work as a support system for both parties, providing open-minded feedback to move the divorce process forward. Each party can — and is encouraged to — hire separate legal counsel to look over the documents and agreements to ensure your personal estate remains intact every step of the way. We handle divorce mediation at our five offices in Milwaukee, Glendale, BrookfieldMadison & Appleton.

Seek a Cooperative


How Does Mediation Work

In Wisconsin?

In divorce mediation, parties briefly explain their positions on each issue, and the mediator assists in reaching a series of compromises. The mediator facilitates communication and resolution, often leading to the settlement, and allowing you to avoid trial. This can be done in a single session, or over a series of sessions.

Divorce Attorney vs Mediator in Wisconsin

Divorce Attorney

  • Law degree
  • Attorney confidentiality
  • All court files are public
  • Lawyers charge by the hour
  • You schedule your appointments


  • Degree in social work, psychology or family law and trained in divorce mediation
  • You control the outcome & agreements rather than a judge
  • Mediators usually charge by the session
  • You and your spouse schedule appointments together
  • Decisions tend to be made quickly and without professional consultation

How much does mediation cost in Wisconsin?

The cost of mediation in Wisconsin typically ranges from $3,500 to $7,000. The price is affected by circumstances surrounding your divorce, like shared debts, property ownership, children, and spousal support.

Unlike other family law firms, Divergent doesn’t charge by the hour. Our mediation services are fixed, meaning you know right away how much your divorce will cost. We know you have enough to think about — an unpredictable monthly bill shouldn’t be one of them.

Mediation for all types of situations

Divergent Family Law has experience in every area of divorce mediation. Our services include situations requiring:

Divorce Mediation



What To Prepare:

Don't go in blind. Divergent Family Law will help you every step of the way.

After you schedule and before you meet, your Divergent divorce mediator will email you exactly what to prepare for your first session. Usually, this includes instructions on how to create an account to file for divorce electronically, allowing you to file for divorce in your first mediation session.

What To Bring:

Be ready to discuss solutions.

You usually don’t need to bring anything to your first divorce mediation session. If your mediator needs something from you, they’ll contact you well beforehand to explain what to bring.

What To Expect:

Step 1. Your mediator will explain the rules of mediation, which includes rights and obligations during the process.

Step 2. Your mediator will guide you through the divorce forms, and file your paperwork upon completion.

Step 3. You’ll discuss issues that need to be handled on a temporary basis (child placement, bill payments, etc.), and find a solution until you agree on an official settlement.

Step 4. Your mediator might assign you some “homework” for your next session — including working on a parenting plan or compiling financial statements.

Wisconsin Divorce Mediation

Forms & Tools

Divergent certified divorce mediators work to make the divorce process as easy and quick as possible. We provide special services to our mediation clients to help expedite the process, including:

  • All necessary court documents
  • Divorce paperwork filing
  • Parenting plans
  • Financial disclosure statements
  • Asset/debt negotiation

Divergent’s team of mediators know Wisconsin divorce law — and you know your marriage. We work with you to create a fair divorce settlement without going to family court. You shouldn’t navigate divorce alone; Thanks to Divergent, you don’t have to

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation on your divorce case.

References: Family Court Services Wisconsin State Statute: 767.405 (2023) |

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