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Mediation and post judgment modifications
Mediation helps couples make divorce modifications without leaving it up to the courts
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Divorce mediation and modifications post court judgment

Post-Judgment Mediation in Wisconsin

If you’re displeased with the current court order for your divorce case, you have two options to make a change in Wisconsin. You can either sit down with your ex and come to a mutual resolution, or you can go before the court and roll the dice. Before putting the outcome of your divorce in the hands of the court, there is a path to agreement in completing post-judgment mediation. Hiring a mediator from a respected Milwaukee area firm such as Divergent Family Law can make all the difference to reaching a final agreement with your spouse before taking a chance in court.

What is Post-Judgment Mediation?

Mediation is a resolution process of handling a conflict where both parties meet with a trained neutral third party to help them resolve a dispute. Mediation is commonly used to resolve divorces, but the process can be effective for resolving post-judgment issues, or motions, filed after the initial court judgment, including:

What Happens in Post-Judgment Mediation?

The number of required mediation sessions depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of the issues and the ability of you and your ex to work together to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

The post-judgment mediation process in Wisconsin can involve steps such as:


  1. Attending Mediation Sessions: Divorce mediation sessions can be relatively informal, yet still, have structured conversations guided by our experienced mediators. Both parties will have the opportunity to voice their goals and concerns without interruption. The mediator will guide the discussions to help clarify the issues and work towards an agreement.
  2. Drafting a Revised Agreement Order: In the end, the mediator will memorialize your agreement into a stipulated order for the judge to sign. This will cause the agreement to become a legally binding order of the court.
  3. Submitting the Agreement for Legal Review: The mediator will file the stipulation with the court for judicial review. Upon being approved by the court, the judge will sign the order, making it legally binding.


Cost of Post-Judgment Divorce Mediation

When seeking a Wisconsin-based mediator, choosing an attorney who has a background in mediation from a firm such as Divergent Family Law can put you at an advantage in the process of making post-judgment modifications. Contrary to other family law firms, the cost of divorce mediation at Divergent Family Law is fixed. This means you will know how much your divorce will cost before you even file. 


With five office locations including Milwaukee, Glendale, Brookfield, Madison, & Appleton, you can obtain post-judgment divorce mediation in any of the major populous areas with Divergent Family Law. 



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