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Divorce Mediation Glendale

Glendale, WI divorce mediation lawyer


Divorce Mediation Law Firm in Glendale

Divergent Family Law provides divorce mediation in Glendale for amicable divorce settlements. You and your spouse meet with an unbiased mediator to negotiate a fair agreement without courtroom fights.

Mediation is a budget-friendly divorce approach. Divergent offers fixed-fee mediation rates.

Mediation helps couples divorce simply and quickly. Divergent's skilled mediators optimize the divorce process.

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Divorce Cost Calculator

See what factors will impact the cost of your divorce and receive a cost quote from our divorce attorneys.

Fixed fee payments for Glendale divorce mediation

Fixed Fees

Learn how our fixed fee structure makes your divorce mediation easier.

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Estimate your monthly child support payments with our easy-to-use calculator.

Pro se Divorce

For couples seeking an amicable split without high legal fees, a pro se divorce may be an option. Pro se divorce allows spouses to represent themselves in court and handle the divorce proceedings without legal counsel present in the courtroom. However, Wisconsin divorce laws still apply, so working with a skilled mediation law firm in Glendale can help guide you through the process smoothly. Reputable pro se divorce attorneys and law firms are familiar with the pro se divorce laws and can assist with paperwork preparation while still reducing costs. With the right guidance, pro se divorce can be an affordable option for an organized and cooperative couple.

Even if you start the divorce process pro se, involving a professional mediation attorney in Glendale at some point is often advisable. An experienced attorney specializing in mediation law can help ensure you complete all paperwork accurately and divide assets fairly per property division laws in Glendale.

Our divorce attorney Trisha Festerling has a certification in Mediation and Collaborative Divorce. She provides legal guidance and information to clients and drafts an agreement once both parties are happy with their Glendale divorce mediation.

Prenuptial Attorneys in Glendale

Before saying “I do,” many couples choose to consider a prenuptial agreement with guidance from an experienced prenuptial law firm. Prenuptial agreements, commonly known as prenups, are legal contracts specifying how assets and debts will be divided in case of divorce. The Glendale prenup attorneys at Divergent Family Law are well-versed in prenuptial law and can draft an agreement protecting both parties’ interests in a fair and enforceable manner. Working with a prenup law firm allows you to negotiate financial terms thoughtfully, without the heightened emotions often accompanying divorce.

Rather than signaling a lack of trust, advanced planning with a prenuptial law firm can strengthen marriages by setting clear expectations. Couples can enter a marriage with confidence knowing they have mutually agreed upon financial protection. Consult an attorney at Divergent for more information on prenuptial law to safeguard your future.

Divorce Mediation


Glendale Divorce Mediation


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