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Paternity law in Wisconsin

What Does Paternity Mean?

Paternity is the establishment of legal fatherhood and will cause Wisconsin to officially recognize a man as the legal father. Wisconsin statutes give fathers specific rights and duties, so it is important that fatherhood is legally established. A father has a right to fight for child custody, child placement, and child support. Paternity actions in Wisconsin must be heard in the proper jurisdiction (county) and venue, though there are no residency requirements.

Why is it Important to Establish Paternity?

Paternity is arguably one of the most important areas of family law, as it assists in establishing the rights of a father, as well as protections for the child.

Legal fatherhood establishes rights such as:

Having a legal father established will also give the child protection such as:

Besides the legal protections, establishing a biological father can provide access to information in regards to family history; giving the child a better understanding of what’s to come in terms of growth and development, and hereditary diseases.

How Do You Establish Paternity in Wisconsin?

The child, the child’s mother, and a man presumed to be the child’s father, a guardian ad litem, or a grandparent may petition to establish or challenge paternity (See 767.80(1)). There are strict time limits and deadlines to keep in mind when filing for paternity; such as the statute of limitations (time limit) which is before the child’s 19th birthday.

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Paternity can be established three different ways in Wisconsin:

1. Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement

2. Court Hearing

3. Acknowledgment of a Marital Child

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