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Affordable Divorce Attorneys in Mequon

Professional and personable divorce attorneys with years of experience make Divergent Family Law the best option to protect your children, income and property during the divorce process. While we make every effort to settle your case without going to trial, we know how to advocate for our clients in the courtroom and appeal a ruling if necessary.

Divorce cases we offer legal aid for include:

Take advantage of our low flat fees and flexible payment plans today. We offer our services to other Wisconsin communities such as Milwaukee, Madison, Appleton, BrookfieldGlendale and more.

How to File for Divorce in Mequon

Getting the divorce process started is easy with a trusted law firm like Divergent Family Law. Wisconsin only requires one party to believe the marriage is irretrievably broken as a no-fault divorce state. You can file for divorce at Ozaukee County Circuit Court if you have lived in Wisconsin for at least six months and Ozaukee County at least 30 days.
We are a full-service family law firm with knowledgeable attorneys familiar with Wisconsin divorce law who will walk you through filing a petition, temporary order hearings, settlement agreements and more.

Contact our knowledgeable family law attorneys in Mequon today.

Frequently Asked Divorce Questions

How do I hire a divorce attorney?

Hiring a divorce attorney is easier than it seems. First, find a family law office online based in your area you're comfortable with. Most divorce attorneys have a contact form on their site for inquiries. Once you find an attorney you like online, send them a contact form or give them a call - they will guide you through the rest of the process.

How much does a divorce lawyer in Mequon cost?

Most divorce attorneys in the Mequon area charge an hourly rate between $100-$400. Divergent Family Law offers free case consultations for all divorce cases and charges a flat fee of $400 for divorce appeal consultations.

How can I afford a divorce lawyer?

Divergent family Law makes it easier for you to afford a divorce lawyer by offering free case consultations and affordable payment plan options.

What questions should I ask a divorce lawyer?

Before hiring a divorce lawyer in Mequon, you should ask about their experience with the divorce process. It's also important you ask how much their legal services are going to cost and the potential outcomes of your case. Have more questions? Divergent Family Law has your answers!

How does divorce affect children?

The biggest outcome of a divorce that impacts your children are the child custody terms. Receiving full custody of your child means the other parent will not have control over the child and may not see them as often. With the best interest of the child in mind, some form of joint custody is preferred in divorce (assuming both parents are able and willing to care for the child).




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