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Mediation and couples without children
Mediation helps couples without children sort through divorce issues such as pets
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Divorce mediation and families without children

Divorce Mediation Without Children In Wisconsin

Divorce without children can be more simple than those that involve their kids. However, there are still significant components of filing a divorce where choosing mediation can save headaches down the road. Having an educated mediator can prove to be valuable for separating couples looking to resolve a dispute.


The mediator will talk with both parties to understand their individual needs and objectives of the divorce. Once goals are assessed, the mediator will apply resources to position both parties in the best place going forward. Appointing a trained mediator from a family law firm like Divergent will help you plan, prepare, work past obstacles, and memorialize your final agreement into a filed and legally binding court order.

Wisconsin Divorce Mediation with Children

According to Wisconsin law, child support and custody rulings are emancipated when a child turns 18 years old. This can apply up until age 19 if the child is still enrolled in high school or working on a high school equivalency course (GED). While your children may no longer qualify as a minor, there still remain several components of your life that are disputed during a divorce.


Mediation is a way to reach an agreement on the issues of divorce and determine how both parties will meet the expenses after the divorce is finalized. Mediation allows separating couples to seek divorce using a neutral third party while still having the option to seek advice from outside advocate counsel. Using mediation as a means of divorce can greatly reduce cost and stress.


Many times when going through a divorce there is a breakdown in communication between the parties. Using a neutral third-party mediator can provide a buffer that puts each side at ease and in the position to advocate for themselves. At the onset of the mediation, there should be an introductory discussion to identify the goals and concerns of both parties.

Disputing Finances in Divorce Mediation

Either the mediator or a financial expert will help the parties examine their finances, ensure they are educated on the impending financial implications, and identify how divorce will affect their future moving forward. Rather than focusing on how a court may divide the assets in a litigated divorce, a mediator will work to find a common interest that sets both parties up in the best position for their lives. The mediator will only stay within the boundaries of what a court would determine is fair. After the parties have resolved all issues, the mediator will memorialize the agreement in writing and file it with the court to become a court order. Once in writing, parties are free to seek individual counsel to review the agreement and ensure fairness is met.

Cost of Divorce Mediation Without Minor Children

Pursuing mediation during divorce can save both parties a considerable amount on the final expenses. Contrary to other family law firms, Divergent doesn’t charge by the hour. The cost of divorce mediation at our Wisconsin firm is given as a fixed-fee rate, meaning the cost of your divorce will be known before the process begins. With five office locations including Milwaukee, Glendale, Brookfield, Madison, & Appleton, you can obtain divorce mediation from Divergent Family Law in any of the major populous areas of Wisconsin.

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