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Stages of Divorce Mediation in WI

Divorce trials can be a lengthy, painful process for both parties. At Divergent Law, our Wisconsin divorce mediators have the experience and expertise to settle a divorce before it proceeds to trial.

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Stage One – Introducing the Process

The initial step in mediation is an intake of the parties along with an explanation of the process. Payment will be discussed at this point (if it hasn’t been decided already) and an agenda will be presented to address any questions the parties may have.

The mediation style is dependent on the mediator. We will already have your personal information including contact info, length of the marriage and whether you have children. Now we can get to work on reaching a settlement.

Is Online Divorce Mediation an Option?

Yes – whether it’s because you live distantly or because you prefer to be away from your soon-to-be-ex, Divergent Family Law has the resources and expertise to conduct online mediation. With this option, parties can appear from anywhere with an adequate internet connection.


Stage Two – Info Gathering

The second step is to start with common ground. Our mediators collect information to determine which stipulations are already agreed upon – this method starts negotiations on a positive note.

Afterward, we’ll navigate through all the complex issues of divorce, including:

  • Division of marital property, including debts and assets
  • Spousal support or maintenance (alimony)
  • Child support, custody and placement

Financial disclosures are required once the intake meeting is complete. The parties will be asked to compile a statement of assets, debts and liabilities, and a parenting plan may be requested by the mediator. Formal divorce negotiations begin once all requisite information is collected.

At this point, the mediator is likely to discuss the legal framework surrounding your divorce. Guidelines of support and property laws are likely to be discussed to assist both parties in determining their needs and wants.

Stage Three – Outlining Issues in the Divorce

Points of contention within the divorce are broached by the mediator during the next step. Both spouses outline their desired outcome and describe why they hold their stance. As with any successful negotiation, both sides need the willingness to compromise. 

Our Wisconsin divorce mediators are experts at reaching resolutions, and when they understand the needs of everyone involved, an outcome both parties can live with is achieved.

Stage 4 – Negotiating Issues

The mediator progresses into exploring potential resolutions for the contested divorce stipulations. The two parties begin by listing solutions that might be mutually acceptable for everyone involved. 

It all comes down to plain-and-simple problem-solving – how can an agreement be settled upon? What concessions are needed to achieve an adequate result? With the help of our mediator, both parties will discover the common ground they hold and where lines in the sand are drawn.

Stage 5 – Drafting a Settlement and Concluding the Mediation Process

Once negotiations have been conducted, all the agreements are compiled into a marital settlement agreement. The document is compiled by the mediator based on the parties’ compromises. Please note: it’s a good idea to have a personal attorney review the agreement. That way, your individual interests are thoroughly double-checked.

A signed agreement doesn’t mean the end of the divorce process. Both parties still need to appear before the court and request for a judge to include the agreement in a final divorce decree.


Divorce Mediators Lessen the Pain

Mediation is among the most positive ways to resolve a divorce. Parties share information, receive education and discuss the issues through their mediator, all while retaining control for an amicable outcome.

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