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Paternity Mediation In Wisconsin

When an unmarried couple separates, they often find themselves looking for parenting solutions to move forward. With conditions of their divorce up for dispute, the process of resolution can drag on without proper direction. Divorce mediation can be a quick, less expensive, and private process to resolve issues that plague paternity cases. Appointing an experienced mediator from Divergent Family Law can help separating parents sort out the conditions surrounding child placement schedules, custody orders, and the details surrounding child support.

How Does Paternity Mediation Work?

Mediation should begin with an explanation of the rules and roles of everyone involved.  Each parent will be given an opportunity to voice their goals and concerns as it relates to their children. The mediator will always meet with the parties together to ensure neutrality is maintained. If the parties hit a roadblock during negotiations, the mediator can offer different options or alternatives in an attempt to resolve the issue. Once a consensus on all outstanding issues is reached, the mediator will prepare the necessary documents detailing the final agreement.


Paternity mediation encourages both parents to look past their differences and work together to develop solutions that align with their kid’s future. Choosing the route of mediation makes the process of forming an agreement and negotiating a resolution more civilized and straightforward.

Mediation Can Repair and Improve Relationships

Paternity mediation is designed to reduce hostility and to increase the understanding between the parents. In the case of using adversarial lawyers, there tends to be increased anger and other negative feelings. When parties choose mediation, it is likely to improve their parental relations and help them establish a strong foundation in co-parenting. Mediation can be the perfect solution to reducing tension, ambiguity, and costs associated with litigation.

More Reasons to Choose Divorce Mediation

Save time and money: Paternity mediation on average takes a few 2-hour sessions as opposed to the many months a typical adversarial court proceeding takes. The reduction in time to settle the divorce often saves both parties thousands of dollars in legal fees.


Private and confidential: While there is no attorney-client privilege with a mediator, the process itself is private and confidential. This is opposed to the open court, where the details of your case are public record. Any negotiations in paternity mediation are confidential and cannot be held against either party in any future legal proceedings.


Added control: In paternity mediation, parents make the decisions for their children. This provides parties control of their future as opposed to being at the mercy of the court’s decision. The parties still have the right in mediation to retain individual divorce attorneys if desired, who function as consultants and not combatants.


Frequently Asked Questions on Paternity Mediation

Do I need an attorney for divorce mediation in Wisconsin?

There is no requirement in Wisconsin to seek legal counsel for a paternity case. The role of the mediator is not to give legal advice. Both parties are encouraged to consult with an individual attorney to confirm their legal rights. After a final consensus has been reached, the mediator will help memorialize the agreement into a proposed order for filing with the Wisconsin court. Once the court approves and signs the order, it becomes a legally binding document.

Who is responsible for payment of paternity mediation?

It is common for both parties to split the cost of mediation in a paternity case. Ultimately, it is in the hands of you and your child’s parent to mutually decide payment of the costs. Mediation costs from Divergent are fixed, meaning you’ll know the cost of your divorce before the process begins.

We have poor communication - can paternity mediation still work for us?

It is very common for parents who are separating to have a breakdown in communication. The mediators at Divergent Family Law have the necessary skills and strategies to help separating couples work through communication issues during the process of divorce.

How do I choose a good mediator?

Qualities to look for when choosing a Wisconsin divorce mediator include neutrality, integrity, responsiveness, and emotional stability. Paternity mediators from Divergent Family Law have the experience and skillset required to be successful in helping separating couples dispute the conditions of their divorce. With five offices in locations such as Milwaukee, Glendale, Brookfield, Madison, & Appleton, you can find a mediator from Divergent Family Law in any of the major populous areas of Wisconsin.

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