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Mediation and kids in divorce
Divorce mediation helps children through divorce
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Divorce mediation and children

Wisconsin Divorce Mediation And Your Children

Handling a divorce without kids is not easy, but having kids involved makes it all the more difficult. An advantage of mediation is negotiating co-parenting issues of a divorce such as child custody. Mediation is more beneficial for children than a long drawn out adversarial court case, where a third-party judge decides the fate of your children’s future. Divorce mediation helps separating parents work together to plan for the well-being of their kids.

As divorce mediators, the Divergent team helps couples navigate their new and changing roles. The roles of separating parents will require ongoing cooperation and co-parenting, which is often an afterthought while in the courtroom. Choosing a trusted family law firm for mediation can make all the difference in ensuring a fair final agreement is reached about child custody and visitation rights.

Can Divorce Mediation Benefit Children?

If you are heading for divorce, you’ve probably started to prepare yourself for the emotional distress that usually accompanies the process. Divorce brings on a wide array of emotions, and psychologists say that your children may have a similar or even worse reaction. There are a number of ways to help your kids cope with the impact of your divorce. One unique way to help your kids is divorce mediation. This process can be equally advantageous for you and your spouse in resolving your dispute. There are many studies showing how ongoing parental conflict and angry divorces have a detrimental effect on children. This can lead to emotional problems, relationship difficulties, and even health issues that continue far into their adulthood.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative way to resolve disputes in your divorce. Instead of fighting out the details of child custody in open court, you and your spouse work with a mediator to establish a final agreement. A mediator’s role during child custody mediation is to remain neutral and help the parties navigate the process of divorce. Mediation helps ex-couples reach a fair agreement on the conditions of divorce for them and their families moving forward. With a good mediator, this can be done smoothly and respectfully. To ensure fairness is maintained during the full process of mediation, our team strongly encourages you to consult with a divorce attorney after reaching an agreement. Ensuring the outcome is what you decided will make co-parenting easier going forward. Mediation is a win-win for all involved. Divorcing spouses are given the means to reach an agreement on the conditions of their divorce without incurring the high expenses that come from attending trial. If an agreement cannot be reached, you always retain the option to pursue a conventional divorce.

Is Mediation Good for Kids?

Though your kids are not active participants in the mediation process, they can still benefit from divorce mediation. By seeing their parents work together during the mediation process for their best interest, kids may not experience the harsh psychological harm that comes from a stressful divorce. This proves more true if you both are providing a loving and unified front.


Can Meditation Improve Your Kid’s Post-Divorce Life?

Mediation is commonly less expensive than a litigated divorce. By saving money, you have more financial resources to devote to your kids. Whether the savings are used to hire a therapist, provide a comfortable home, or take them on a vacation, it will only be of benefit to your kids through the process of divorce. Mediation is not the best option for everyone. However, giving it a try may ultimately benefit your kids from any further harm. Unlike other family law firms, Divergent doesn’t charge by the hour. The cost of divorce mediation at our Wisconsin firm is a fixed-fee rate, meaning you know beforehand how much your divorce will cost. With offices in Milwaukee, Glendale, Brookfield, Madison, & Appleton, you can obtain divorce mediation from Divergent Family Law in any of the major populous areas of Wisconsin.

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