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The different types of child custody laws in Wisconsin give divorcing parents either joint or sole legal and physical custody of their child(ren). Legal custody refers to a parent's right to make decisions that impact the child. Physical custody is the right for a parent to house, provide, and care for the child. Physical custody, in the state of Wisconsin, is also known as child placement. Don’t compromise the relationship you have with your child, and protect your parental rights with an experienced child custody attorney.

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Joint Legal


When both parents would like to share responsibilities and work together in making major decisions for the child, joint custody typically occurs. One parent normally has the child more days per year which makes them the primary placement. Typically a 50/50 placement is selected in most joint custody arrangements since it’s in the best interest of the child. Both parents have equal rights in making major decisions for their child regarding education, religion, marriage, and military while the child is a minor.


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Sole Legal


Since joint custody is in the best interest of the child according to the court, sole custody is harder to receive. If one parent cannot perform their parental responsibilities or if both parents can’t come to an agreement regarding their child(ren), sole custody might be awarded. The mother holds sole custody if the parents were unmarried at the time of birth. A paternity action must be established to modify custody. Father’s rights may apply to advocate for equal rights of both parents. The parent who does not receive custody may have to pay child support and could be granted visitation.

Placement & Custody

Mediation for Children

Parents who have a difficult time reaching a custody agreement may benefit from family mediation services. Rather than battle it out in court, our neutral mediators can facilitate conversations between both spouses to avoid lengthy and expensive court time. A Guardian ad Litem may be appointed to the child during the case if parties are unable to come to an agreement. 

Modification for Child Custody & Placement in Whitewater

Time can change the initial verdict of child placement that was settled on in court. Children may experience a big move or a change in schools that can result in a modification of placement schedules. Check out our co-parenting resources for more on the placement arrangement experience.

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Wisconsin Child Support


If you don’t have custody of your child, you may wonder what you’ll have to pay in child support. Typically parents may have to pay close to $100,000 while their child is a dependent. For a rough estimate on your payment, check out our child support calculator.

Whether you’re looking to obtain sole or joint placement, modify placement orders, or take legal action to enforce placement orders, our Whitewater child custody lawyers can help.

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