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There’s a lot to think about during the divorce process, put legal fees in the back of your mind with Divergent Family Law payment plans and get the divorce settlement you need now. Divergent Divorce Attorneys in Brookfield offer free consultations with divorce cost quotes on a 100% flat fee. Know exactly how much you’ll be paying for your divorce costs upfront before you ever commit to a payment. You won’t have to worry about getting caught up in an expensive & messy divorce, our payment plans allow you to take the divorce process one step at a time. Seasoned Divergent Family Law attorneys will fight for your rights in child custody, alimony, and throughout the Wisconsin divorce process. Contact our Brookfield office today.




Payment Plans For Divorce In Brookfield

Divorce Costs in Brookfield  

Learn what factors may determine your divorce costs and join our free seminars at Divergent Family in Madison. We also provide an easy-to-use divorce cost calculator that will allow you to get an estimate on your divorce fees after filling out a short survey.

Eliminate unnecessary costs and help the divorce process ensue as efficiently as possible through divorce mediation with Divergent Family Law. Our Brookfield office provides you with an impartial mediator to work along with you and your spouse to reach a divorce settlement agreement and avoid a courthouse appearance. When you hire a Divergent Family Law divorce mediator, the divorce process is guaranteed to be as quick, affordable, and painless as possible.

Brookfield Spousal Support & Child Support Costs 

Family lawyer prices vary from county to county throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. At Divergent Family Law, our attorneys will hold an open and honest conversation in which they will determine your best interests and ensure they will be accounted for throughout the Wisconsin divorce process. With Divergent Family Law Attorneys in Waukesha County, you get complete transparency and 100% flat flees. This applies to all our family law services for visitation rightspost-judgment modification, child support, & spousal support. So if any unforeseen costs arise during the divorce process, we’ve got it covered, free of charge.

Payment Plans Available

Brookfield Divergent Family Law offers payment plans to get you in and out of the divorce process as quick and painless as possible. Legal fees will vary from case to case. Come in for a free consultation and free quote on your divorce costs. Our accepted credit and debit cards include:

Contact us for more information and to get started on your divorce process today.




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