8 Signs Your Husband Is Thinking about Divorce

Prepare for the worse, learn your divorce rights

If you’re asking yourself “does my husband really want a divorce?,” it’s likely you’re seeing a variety of signs you don’t want to ignore. If there is contempt in your relationship, it may be too late to save your marriage. Some key signs indicating your husband is considering divorce include the following: 

1. He is avoiding you

If your husband is away from home all the time, doesn’t tell you when he’ll be home, or hides where he is going, these could be clear indicators he’s becoming detached from the relationship.

2. There is a lack of physical intimacy

If your husband makes an effort to avoid any form of physical contact, this behavior is not normal and may indicate something’s wrong. In some situations, it may be completely normal for there to be a lack of intimacy. Make sure your husband is not preoccupied with work, children, or financial troubles before jumping to the conclusion of divorce.

3. He is unwilling to work on the relationship or improve communication

You may have expressed your worries with your husband and have offered to do what it takes to fix your marriage with counseling or self-help books. If your partner isn’t interested in taking these steps to improve or is actively avoiding communication about the subject, it may be cause for concern.

4. You are constantly fighting

Arguments with your husband can become hostile, heated, and brutal. Insults, bitterness, and a lack of apologies from your husband during a fight might mean you have communication problems. Not sorting something like this out ahead of time could lead to divorce.

5. He’s emotionally distant

Caring for your spouse is one of the most crucial factors in keeping a happy marriage. Maybe your husband used to open up to you but is now more reserved and closed off. If you argue a lot, he criticizes you, or blames things on you, it could be cause for concern. Some couples may just “fall out of love,” which may indicate there’s no hope of repairing the marriage.

6. He suddenly cares more about how he looks

If your husband suddenly starts to change his appearance, considers going on a diet, or spends hours at the gym, you may be wondering what his sudden commitment to improving himself is for. An increase in grooming is normally not a sign of divorce but could be of an affair. Make sure you know the bigger picture before jumping to conclusions.

7. He’s secretive about money

If your husband has never been involved in your finances and suddenly gets very interested, it could be a warning sign. He could be up to something if he’s moving money around without telling you. It could indicate that he’s supporting someone else or that he wants a divorce and doesn’t want you to get his money.

8. “Divorce,” “divorce lawyer,” or “separation” are in his computer search history

The clearest sign of all he’s looking for a way to get a divorce is in his computer search history. If he makes excuses when you confront him about your findings, you have time to prepare for what to do next. Know your rights as a wife and how to prepare for divorce before he can take advantage of you.

Your rights as a wife going through divorce in WI

At Divergent Family Law, we educate you on Wisconsin divorce law and all your rights as a wife going through a divorce, including spousal support and child custody. Once you’ve been served divorce papers, you have 20 days to file a response. You’ll want an experienced family law attorney to help you protect your rights, assets, and children.

The Wisconsin divorce process may consist of issues regarding:

What to discuss with your Wisconsin divorce lawyer

  1. Property division and assets
    As a wife, you have rights to a portion of the property you own with your spouse. You want to have an idea of the major property, assets, and debts in your marriage. Organizing all that information will play a critical role in your divorce.
  2. Child support, placement, and custody
    You have rights as a mother to your underaged children. You’ll have to develop a child support, placement and custody plan with your spouse during the divorce. Both you and your husband are legally obligated to financially support your children. Placement will be given to the parent with the child’s best interest in mind.


How to Prepare for a Divorce?

After your husband has served you with divorce papers, speak with a law firm that offers free consultations like Divergent Family Law. We can help prepare you to make an Admission of Service and Response and Counterclaim. Failing to respond within 20 days could result in a default judgment against you, so be prepared before it’s too late.

If you want to beat your husband to the punch and file first, make sure you complete the correct forms and file papers at your local courthouse. In the state of Wisconsin, there is a 120-day waiting period after the petition is filed. This will allow for mediation time between you and your husband to go over child custody, division of assets, and other issues without having to go to trial.

Contact Divergent Family Law to protect your rights as a wife in your divorce. 





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